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Selection of CitySens products: vertical supports for plants with automatic irrigation.
Spanish manufacturing with recycled and recyclable materials.
Products mounted in work centres form people with functional diversity.

Christmas Gifts

Selection of the best Christmas gifts from CitySens catalogue.

New color

Introducing the new CitySens color range: Pantone Warm gray 1c. A new color for the vertical planter, the shelves...

Summer edition

Don't let summer catch your plants by surprise: find the essentials to overcome this...

Spring Edition

We present to you the essentials to bring spring to your home: life, joy, social...

Sustainable selection

This year we celebrate 5 years at CitySens. To celebrate, we look back and summarize in 3 sentences our commitment...

Family time

Special edition of CitySens products to enjoy family time.

Valentine's Day

This Valentine give plants for life. Indoor gift plants, decorative gift pots, gift plant holders and CitySens...

Eco Friendly Gifts

Eco friendly gifts to...

Featured Products

Find those products that will perfectly add to your space: customizable, practical and sustainable.

CitySens promotions

In this section, you will find plants and CitySens products on promotion. To give as a...


Find here the best-selling CitySens products. Click on the products: you'll have the option to customize the...

Urban gardens

Vertical urban indoor gardens with automatic irrigation. Customizable design: choose the color, size and...

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