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Indoor plants, seasonal and top quality plants for home or office. Choose from our wide variety of purifying plants, sun resistant plants, cold resistant plants, balcony plants. You can add a decorative indoor pot to each plant.

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At CitySens we select the best plants from local nurseries one by one and send them perfectly protected. They are local plants of the highest quality, grown in nurseries in Tarragona. We send it directly from the nursery to your home, without going through cold stores. With Km 0 plants our goal is to offer quality plants online and support local growers and nurserymen.

What plants are best suited to my space? What indoor or outdoor plant do I choose?

If you want a green and leafy plant for indoor or outdoor spaces, ferns are ideal for you. At CitySens we have an exclusive selection of ferns: Kangaroo Paw Fern, Rabbit Paw Fern or Blue Star Fern.

A plant for low-light spaces is the syngonium. It is very resistant and also creates a cool and relaxing environment. If you are looking for plants in low light, you can also choose the sanseveria or the hanging pothos.

Would you like to fill your terrace with color? Bet on the geranium. Our geraniums and seasonal plants are from local nurseries.

If you are looking for hanging plants or climbing plants, you can choose a climbing philodendron, the ficus pumilla, or buy ivy.

To give a touch of life and color to your space, bet on the red anthurium, guzmaniaspathiphyllum or the pink anthurium. What care do they need? One or two waterings a week and do not expose them to direct sun. They are decorative live plants that give vitality to any space in your home.

Discover our resistant plants for indoor and outdoor spaces. Ideal plants if you cannot be very aware of their care: aloe vera, dracaenaficus elastica or sansevieria.