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Transparent Planter

The CitySens transparent planter uses soilless cultivation to invite you to observe the growth of the entire plant, both the leaves and the roots. Each planter is unique. It is made with a reused glass bottle and wood biofilament printed with FDM/3D technology.

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In hydroponics, or soilless cultivation, plants feed on nutrients dissolved in water. Therefore, the CitySens transparent planter includes quality nutrients designed for soilless cultivation.

The colour and screening of the glass protect the roots from ultraviolet (UV) light.

We manufacture only on demand, to avoid using materials and energy if it is not necessary. The plant support is manufactured through additive manufacturing or 3D printing at the CitySens studio in Tarragona with TuMaker NX Pro Direct Drive HR 3D printing technology.

The plant support is made with polylactic acid (PLA) biopolymer mixed with 40% wood. The use of biopolymer with wood gives the piece an organic texture and a sweet smell reminiscent of ground coffee or wet wood. The filament is made in Spain with PEFC certified wood.

To manufacture the transparent planters, we collaborate with Juan Righetti, a glass craftsman based in Spain. In his Upcycling Bottles project, Juan uses glass bottles collected from various bars and restaurants in the area. He cleans them and transforms them through a craft process into highly valuable objects, helping to change the perception of what is, and is not, waste.