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Here you will find CitySens products used at fairs or events, with small defects or scratches, second-hand reconditioned by the CitySens team. We offer prices with a 25% discount, free delivery, and a 5-year warranty. We give a new opportunity to those CitySens planters, shelves, and pots that can no longer be sold as new, so they don't end up in landfills or incinerated.

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All refurbished planters are inspected by our team to make the purchase of second-hand pots a sustainable alternative to buying new pots..

- We ensure the quality and functionality of the products.

- 5-year warranty


Not everything is acceptable: we only sell refurbished products in good condition. There are few units available: only the planters that we have used at fairs, have been returned, or have been scratched in the assembly and packaging process. Products that are not in good condition are returned to our suppliers to be dismantled and manufacture new CitySens products.


The production of new CitySens planters requires a significant amount of resources, such as recycled plastic, metals, and wood. Buying used home accessories reduces the need for new resources by reusing existing products. The manufacturing of CitySens planters also requires significant amounts of energy for injection, manufacturing processes, transportation, and assembly. Buying used CitySens products significantly reduces the energy required to make new products. Buying used planters can save up to 70% on greenhouse gas emissions compared to new planters.


Second-hand planters are a form of recycling as they help reduce waste from used planters. We want to prevent CitySens planters that are no longer in use from ending up in landfills. Buying second-hand CitySens planters extends the lifespan of the planters and avoids waste.


There are several reasons why some CitySens products can no longer be sold as new. They are called B-goods, products exhibited at fairs or returns that suffer minor defects during transport and can no longer be offered as new through regular sales channels. CitySens allows giving a second life to these products in perfect condition, making it part of the circular economy by extending the product life cycle and reducing the production of new items.