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Wall planter

Self-watering wall planter for indoor and outdoor plants. Customize your hanging pots by choosing the color, the cover, the capillary irrigation and the number of units. Fill your walls with hanging plants.

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Discover the CitySens indoor and outdoor wall planter!

Create a vertical garden on any wall in your home. CitySens wall pots are modular and allow you to create any form of vertical garden on any surface: walls, columns, corners, etc.

What are the advantages of CitySens decorative wall pots? They are wall pots very easy to hang. Watering the plants is very easy. Capillarity irrigation supplies the water the plant needs to keep the soil moist.

All CitySens wall hanging planters are made in Spain with 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene. Its design prevents the wall from getting wet and the materials used are of high quality, suitable for indoors and outdoors. In addition, CitySens hanging pots are made by people with disabilities. By buying this product, you promote their social and labor inclusion.

Do you know what plants you can add to the wall pot? Combine vertical garden pots with hanging plants like pothos or philodendrons.

Do you have a terrace or garden? Add your outdoor pots with sturdy plants like ivy, spider plant, or seasonal plants.

Do you want a vertical garden with aromatic plants? Grow lavender, thyme and oregano at home with CitySens wall pots and add flavor to your dishes.

Discover all our wall pots and enjoy the advantages of living surrounded by nature!