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Eco friendly gifts under 90 € to surprise this Christmas while promoting the environmental sustainability. Sustainable gifts made with 100% recycled, recyclable materials, and assembled by people with functional diversity.

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At CitySens we believe that a good Christmas gift should always be accompanied by a minimum impact on the environment.

All our eco-friendly gifts are designed for a long useful life, under environmental sustainability criteria, taking into account the entire life cycle of the products.

We work with high quality polypropylene, 100% recycled and recyclable. We chose polypropylene because it is a material resistant to light and water, which does not yellowish and allows several recycling cycles.

We use only cardboard and paper for our sustainable gifts, avoiding single-use items.

We also work with sustainable wood with a PEFC certificate of forest sustainability.

We prioritize EU suppliers, to favor the local economy and at the same time minimize the impact of transport. The CitySens products are manufactured and assembled in Catalonia, Spain.