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Indoor drip irrigation systems

Automatic drip irrigation system perfect for indoor or outdoor plants. Pack with water tank for drip irrigation and automatic watering kit for pots.

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Discover the CitySens automatic drip irrigation!

Why should you choose tank drip irrigation? Automatic drip irrigation is an irrigation system with a careful design, ideal for watering plants indoors and for drip irrigation on small balconies. This automatic drip irrigation system allows you to adjust the irrigation guidelines according to the needs of the plants at each time of the year. Includes high quality drippers. You can use it to water up to 20 pots, planters and also for watering urban home gardens. This automatic watering for pots is the solution for the daily care of your plants and for their care during the holidays.

The automatic drip irrigation kit you can assemble your own irrigation system, both for indoor plants and outdoor plants.

If you already have the plant shelves, the automatic irrigation for pots is the ideal complement for the care of the plants. Your plants will be healthy and cared for all year round without any worries!