Kit of 6 seeds with educational manual from @Earlychildfood

Kit of activities to discover nature as a family by growing a flower garden at home.

Includes seeds of: Margarita, Pansy, Carnation, Bella by day, Bella by night and Bunnies.

Includes a book in Spanish with activities inspired by Montessori pedagogy and Positive Discipline edited by Carla Peña from @Earlychildfood. Includes substrate and pots for growing flowers.

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If you have children at home, having a small vertical garden at home brings them closer to nature and familiarizes them with the process of plant growth.

With the plants we introduce the little ones to different aspects of education and work: for one point, they enter the practical life. But what also María Montessori emphasised is that we sow, followed by observing the plants evolution. We develop the sensory, cognitive and fine motor area.



Name of the plants: Margarita, Pansy, Carnation, dwarf morning-glory, four o'clock flower and Snapdragon

Outdoor and indoor plants.

Temperature: between 10 and 35 ºC.

Light: minimum of 6 hours of direct light per day.

Edible plants.




- Margarita, Pansy, Carnation, dwarf morning-glory, four o'clock flower and Snapdragon.

- Includes manual with activities inspired by Montessori pedagogy and Positive Discipline, edited by Carla Peña of @Earlychildfood. Includes substrate and pots for the cultivation of the flowers.

- Coconut fiber tablets.

- 6 growing pots made of 100% recycled plastic.



To plant the seeds correctly you must follow the following steps.

1.Place 1 litre of water in a container, immerse the compressed earth tablets and wait for them to hydrate. Each tablet will increase in volume by 3 to 4 times its initial size, indicating that it is ready to be used as farmland.

2. Set de plant pots.

3. Empty the hydrated soil inside the sowing bag.

4. Place between 10 and 20 seeds in each pot and cover them with a 1 cm layer of substrate.

5. Repeat this process for each pot and each plant.

6. Place the mesh pots in the flowerpots of your Citysens garden. Check that each of the seed bags are correctly folded to ensure the correct watering of your plants.



- During the germination of the seed.

We recommend to program the automatic irrigation 2 times a week for 2 minutes each watering. The substrate must be moist, without being wet or dry before the next irrigation. Irrigation needs may vary depending on the temperature and light your CitySens garden receives. The more light and temperature the plants receive, the more irrigation is needed. During germination the plant does not need many nutrients: it dissolves 10 ml of Citysens nutrients for every 5 L of water.

- During the growth of the plant

As the plant grows, water consumption increases, so you must be aware that the substrate remains moist, never soaked or dry. Watering twice a week for 2 minutes may still be adequate, although you can increase watering if necessary. Remember that for small plants, excess irrigation is just as dangerous as a lack of irrigation. With adult plants, excessive watering is more dangerous because it rots the roots and kills the plant. For adult plants the consumption of nutrients increases: add 20 ml of nutrients per 5L of water when filling the tank.



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