Pack of 4 ferns

Plants on demand

Pack of 4 ferns:

- Blue Star Fern

- House Holly Fern

- Elk Horn Fern

- Boston Fern

Plants approximately 20-30 cm high in 18 cm diameter pots.

Add a pot in the color you like best: white, anthracite, dark green and brick red. Pots made of 100% recycled plastic. 

Locally grown plants of the highest quality. Grown in nurseries in Spain. We send them directly from the nursery to your home.

Home delivery within 48 hours. CitySens guarantee: If the plant arrives damaged, we will replace it.

We will find these plants for you! We don't have them in stock due to lack of space, but we always have them available in our 3 trusted nurseries. Place your order, leave us a message if you want a specific variety and we will let you know when you will receive it by mail


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Decorative plant pot


At CitySens we have combined four unique ferns to create a spectacular fern pack. Ferns are characterized by their large leaves creating a cool and relaxing environment, ideal for lovers of indoor plants. They come from tropical regions where they live attached to the tree trunks of the lush and humid forests.

In addition, they are perennial plants without seeds or flowers that reproduce by spores or by seedlings that grow on their rhizomes. The diversity of foliage, leaf texture, colors and shades make ferns a perfect plant to decorate any corner of your home.

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Blue Star Fern: Phlebodium Aureum Blue Star is one of the most popular and exotic ferns due to its finger-shaped leaves and the beautiful blue-green. Another interesting fact: it purifies the air and regulates humidity! In addition, it is perfect for interiors and ideal for rooms in the house with little light. This fern likes to live in slightly humid environments. Therefore, a bathroom would be the perfect place for this fern. The elegance would not be missed in your home.

House Holly Fern: Cyrtomium is a fern native to Polynesia and Southeast Asia. Commonly known as Cirtomio, Holly Fern, Falcata Fern or Cirtomio Fern. It is a fern with long fronds, which are over half a meter long with alternate leaflets (pinnae) that are diamond-shaped. The underside of the leaves is covered with spores. It is a robust and easy-to-grow fern, which makes it perfect to plant it planter to decorate the interior of your home, or directly in the garden.

Elk Horn Fern: It is an extravagant and striking plan, owing to the slightly hairy leaves that are similar to elk horns. Its appearance is unique! In addition, it is perfect as a hanging plant or to place it on a shelf where the aesthetic qualities will be highlighted. Do you dare to place some "horns" in your home?

Boston Fern: Also known as sword fern. Its green and elegant leaves make it a must-have for your home. Did you know that its long fronds can exceed up to one meter in length? Yes, it is monstrously big. The nephrolepis is one of the most common, attractive and resistant ferns for homes. Further, noteworthy is how easy it is to take care of this fern and to keep it healthy.

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Ferns are perfect hanging plants to place on the CitySens plant shelves to enjoy a green space indoors. They are ideal for humid rooms with little light such as the bathroom. Another possibility, place them in bedrooms because they produce more oxygen than CO2 and also remove toxins from the air.

We cannot think of a more interesting plant to create a green oasis than the fern; and you can combine the most tropical compositions. Fill the shelf with a variety of ferns to achieve a wild and different touch in your home. Endless possibilities, the limit is set by your imagination.

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Indoor plants.

Ideal temperature: between 15 and 20 ºC.

Light: place the fern in a very bright area, but without direct sunlight (it can cause significant burns on the leaves).

Irrigation: the fern is a plant that requires a continuously moistened ground, but in no case soaked.

Nutrients: follow directions of CitySens nutrients. Fertilize every month in the growth period and every three months in the resting period.

Substrate: the substrate must be light and well aerated.

Ambient humidity: high level of ambient humidity. Do not place the fern near a heater or air conditioner, as they dry out the environment too much.

Inedible plants.

Plants toxic to children and animals. 

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Remember that we don't have stock of this plant due to space limitations in our warehouse, we will choose it and come and get it for you!
If you place your order just after we have gone to the nursery, the maximum waiting time will be one month, although we will always try to send it as soon as possible. We will let you know the approximate delivery date by email.
Take the opportunity to ask us in the messages for the variety you like the most and we will choose it with love especially for you; as soon as we choose them at the nursery we will send them to you, straight from the nursery to your home!

Secure payment with Visa or Mastercard, bank transfer or PayPal.

By validating the order, the preparation process begins. The delivery is within 48h to 72h.

You will receive notifications via email confirming the order, preparation and shipment.

The plants are sent in a box of their size, perfectly protected to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition.

If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 14 calendar days. We will manage the return through a courier service.

Warranty: If you receive the plants in poor condition, we will take care of the replacement within 5 days after purchase.

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