Pack of 2 rue

Pack of 2 rue.

The rue is an aromatic plant that belongs to the genus of shrubs and is native to Mediterranean regions and the Asian continent. They bloom between spring and summer.

This outdoor plant, on average, can measure about 20cm, reaching a maximum of 100cm.

Medicinal plant of proximity and maximum quality, cultivated in nurseries of Tarragona. Choosing this product you help us to promote the local economy.

Home delivery in 24h. CitySens guarantee: if the plant arrives damaged we send you a new one.

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CitySens guarantee: if the plant arrives damaged, we will replace it.




The leaves of the Ruda, of green and bluish tones, have properties and active principles beneficial to health and against certain diseases. On the other hand, and its yellow flowers give off a particular smell that may not be pleasant for everyone.

Common or common name: Ruda

Scientific name: Ruta


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Outdoor plant.

Light: it requires a lot of sunlight, but it should not be direct.

Temperature: it is resistant to low temperatures, but it is advisable to protect it from extreme cold and wind.

Watering: 2-3 times a week.

Nutrients: Follow CitySens nutrients indications.

Substrate: best if it is in alkaline soil with organic soil, but it can root perfectly well in poor soil.

Edible plant.


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