CitySens shelves with educational kit

Pack of 4 shelves with the activity kit to discover the family nature of @Earlychildfood.

It includes a manual with activities inspired by Montessori pedagogy and Positive Discipline edited by Carla Peña of @Earlychildfood and illustrations by Bea Soro.

It includes seeds of Margarita, Pansy, Carnation, Bella by day, Bella by night and Bunnies.

It includes substrate and pots for the cultivation of the seeds.

Product manufactured in Spain with 100% recycled polypropylene and packed by people with functional diversity. By choosing this product you help us to promote its social inclusion.

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For those of you who have children at home, we have thought of the CitySens bookshelf as a space to enjoy with your family.

With the plants we can work many areas with the little one: we enter into practical life, one of the areas in which María Montessori put more emphasis, we sow and we can observe the evolution of the plant. We develop the sensory, cognitive and fine motor area.




The kit will include 6 easy-to-grow flower seeds, pots, substrate and the guide edited by @Earlychildfood that includes:

- Step by step illustrations to assemble and sow (with and without color for children to color).

- Presentation of different activities step by step so that the family knows how to present the materials through the Montessori methodology. This would go with the theoretical introduction of the importance of the area of ​​practical life and activities that the child from 1 to 6 years can do related to the care of plants.

- Chips with the parts of the plant: a cut-out within the activity guide itself to see the seed, root, plant, leaves, petals ...

- Introduction about the importance of treating insects with respect; raise awareness with the example of the danger of extinction of bees and move the activity abroad with a family expedition in which we value teamwork, perseverance, patience to observe.

- Card so they can customize from botany experts.



- CitySens 4-tray shelves in white or black.

- Includes seeds of: Margarita, Pansy, Carnation, Bella by day, Bella by night and Bunnies.

- Includes manual with activities inspired by Montessori pedagogy and Positive Discipline edited by Carla Peña of @Earlychildfood. Includes substrate and pots for the cultivation of flowers.

- 12 Coconut fiber substrate pills.

- 6 growing pots made of 100% recycled plastic.


manual educativo montessori y disciplina positiva



To plant the seeds correctly you must follow the following steps.

1. Place 1 liter of water in a container, submerge the tablets of compressed earth and wait for them to hydrate. Each tablet will increase in volume between 3 and 4 times its initial size, which indicates that it is ready to be used as arable land.

2. Place the seed bags inside the pots found in the educational kit. Fold the neck of each sachet around the pot.

3. Remove the protective mesh of the hydrated tablets and undo the hydrated soil inside the seedbag. In each pot, fit 3 hydrated tablets.

4. Place between 10 and 20 seeds in each pot. and cover them with a layer of 1 cm of substrate.

5. Repeat the same process for each pot and each type of campus.

6. Place the pots in the planters of your CitySens shelf.



-In the germination of the seed

We advise you to program automatic irrigation 2 times a week for 2 minutes each watering. The substrate must be moist, without being wet or dry before the next irrigation. Irrigation needs may vary depending on the temperature and light your Citysens garden receives. The more light and temperature, the more irrigation is needed. During germination the plant does not need many nutrients: it dissolves 10 ml of Citysens nutrients for every 5 L of water.

- During the growth of the plant

When the plant grows its water consumption increases, so you must be aware that the substrate remains wet, never waterlogged or dry. Irrigation twice a week for 2 minutes may continue to be adequate, although you can increase the irrigation if you think it is necessary. Keep in mind that in small plants the excess of irrigation is just as dangerous as the lack of irrigation. In adult plants, excessive irrigation is more dangerous, since it rots the roots and kills the plant. In adult plants nutrient consumption increases: add 20 ml of nutrients per 5L of water when you fill the tank.



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