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Christmas is just around the corner and that is why we bring you a selection of 5 sustainable Christmas gifts to make responsible consumption at Christmas.

The Christmas atmosphere is already everywhere and we are all finalizing the preparations to enjoy the festivities. But how to avoid consumerism at Christmas? Making conscious Christmas shopping for sustainable and responsible products like our CitySens. Here you will find 5 sustainable Christmas gift ideas



Our vertical planter

The CitySens vertical planter fits in every home and adds a touch of life wherever it is placed. But do you know that, in addition, with its circular irrigation system it helps to save a lot of water? And, like all our products, it is made from recycled, recyclable and durable plastic.

It comes in 4 different colors and you can play with the number of pots, from two plants to 5 plants, which we can send ready to place. With the occasional sustainable Christmas decoration, it may well become your new personalized and homemade Christmas tree.


Christmas vertical garden



The shelf for plants

The modular shelf adapts to all spaces, no matter how small they may be. It is available in 4 colors and with 4, 6 or 8 trays, as you prefer. Light but resistant so that none of your plants is left out of place. It combines recycled and recyclable plastic with wood extracted from sustainable forestry operations with the PEFC ecological label.

It can be complemented with decorative pots, so that the plants shine even more, and it can also incorporate the drop-by-drop irrigation, a self-watering system with which you can water up to 20 plants spending only the exact and necessary water.

Give the shelf as a gift with air purifying plants is undoubtedly a great option to look like a Wizard King. But you can always choose and customize your shelf CitySens.

shelf with christmas plants



Wall planters

The CitySens wall pots are a great option to fill the walls of the house and balcony with life and color. With the option of irrigation by capillarity so that the plants drink only the water they need.

In 3 colors and with the option of putting a cover, they are ultra resistant and are made from recycled polyethylene. They look great in groups like pack of 3, or up to with 12 pots to make a green super wall. With hanging plants it is spectacular and we have a special pack for Christmas with a poinsettia , more Christmassy impossible!

wall planters with poinsettias



Kilometer 0 floors

The plants are a safe bet, the most Christmassy without a doubt is poinsettia, but there are many winter flowers , such as cyclamen, and plants resistant to cold and frost such as pack of resistant plants, which They fill Christmas with life and color.

We also work with km0 plants from trusted nurseries so that they go directly to your home and arrive perfect. We have a wide variety, but if you can't find what you're looking for, just write to us and ask for it, we'll be happy to look for it!




Plant subscription

And to fill us more with nature, we also have our plant subscription programs for a super special gift to that special person.

You will have 4 shipments in a year, one for each season and you can choose between 1, 2 and 4 plants in total. We will write to you to choose the plants and shipping address. So you can use each shipment so that that special someone has, not one, but four gifts during a year! Or you can use each shipment to give gifts to different people, nothing like sharing nature!

So you know, nothing like some CitySens for a sustainable Christmas.

Lastly, if you want to decorate your home in a sustainable way as well, there is nothing like this blog for inspiration.

Happy Holidays!



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