Customize your own vertical planter CitySens

Enjoy your favourite plants in less space with the CitySens self-watering garden.

Customize your planter: choose the color, the wood color, the number of pots, the watering type and the plants.

Made in Spain by people with different abilities. Choosing this product, you help us to promote their social inclusion.

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Product design awards


Award-winning design

The design as decorative self-watering planter has been recognized with international awards: IF Award, European Design Award, German Design Award


Customizable vertical pots



Create an original and unique vertical planter: choose the color, number of pots, watering type and even the plant family.


interior vertical garden with self watering


Self watering

Forget about the responsibility of watering your plants. The CitySens self-watering system will water them for you - so they look always beautiful.


Citysens smart garden



Monitor the self-watering system from your smartphone. Technology at the service of your plants.


Sustainable design



The CitySens garden is made in Spain with recyclable and recycled materials. In addition, it saves water and energy to protect the environment.


Project with social responsibility


Social responsibility

We collaborate with the Pere Mata & Santa Teresa Foundation (Tarragona), where people with different abilities assemble the product, thus promoting their labor and social integration.



You may add any plant type. Notice, that all plants will be located in the same

place and will receive the same light and temperature and also will be watered at the same time.

Indoor spaces:

- Indoor green plants: spathiphyllum, calathea, syngonium, pothos.

- Indoor plants with flowers: orchids, anthurium, guzmania, clivia, calla. Ideal for spaces

with a lot of light.

Outdoor spaces:

- herbs: mint, parsley, basil, oregano, chive. Ideal for very bright kitchens

and balconies.

- Outdoor plants: geraniums, hydrangeas, gerbera, tulips. Ideal for balconies and terraces.

You can even choose between conventional growing with soil or hydroponics without soil.



Digital self-watering: includes plants with soil, plant nutrients and the automatic irrigation system with a water pump and a digital timer.

Ideal for busy people and those who don't have a green thumb.

WIFI + APP self-watering: includes plants with soil, plant nutrients and the automatic irrigation system with a water pump and a smart WiFi timer with app for smartphones.

Ideal for tech lovers.

Manual watering: it includes the vertical planters and the best nutrients for your plants.

The best solution for deco lovers who enjoy watering their plants.



Materials: 100% recyclable polypropylene and stainless steel, resistant to water and UV light. Water proof wood. High quality silicone tubes. If you find a stain on the vertical planter, it is due to the production process of 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene.

Net weight: 4kg.

Height: 82/115/148 cm for the structures of 2, 3 and 4 planters respectively.

Wide: 29 cm at the base.

Planter diameter: 13 cm.



Assembly: each CitySens garden can be assembled in 3 minutes; in the next video we show you how to do it step by step.

Digital timer allows the weekly programming of up to 16 irrigations, with a minimum irrigation time of 1 min.

WiFi timer: weekly programming via smartphone or tablet up to 20 irrigations, with a minimum irrigation time of 1 min. Includes APP for iOS and Android.

Irrigation maintenance: if you use tap water, change the irrigation water every 6 months. If you use bottled water or rain water, change the irrigation water every 12 months. Clean the filters every 3 months.

Recommended irrigation: one irrigation per week of 2-3 minutes. In summer you can increase the frequency to twice per week if necessary.

Nutritrion: 10 mL of CitySens nutrients per 5L of water.

Plant care: prune the plant leaves once a month; prune the roots once every 3 months.

Plant-sitter: 30 days in summer, 60 days in winter.

Saves up to 50% of water and nutrients. Power consumption: 0.2 €/year.



100% safe payment by bank transfer and PayPal.

Delivery within 48h to 72h.

You will receive an email notification confirming the order, preparation and shipping.

Plants are shipped in a separate package, perfectly protected to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 14 calendar days. We will manage the return.

If there is a manufacturing defect in your product, the warranty covers the free replacement for 2 years from the date of purchase.

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premios diseño producto
premios internacionales citysens

très beau cadeau

Bonjour, j ai acheté ce jardin d intérieur pour offrir et cela a bcp plu! Le fait que ce soit autonome avec pompe et programmateur permet de ne pas s inquiéter pour ses plantes!!!


¡Me han encantado!

No que me hayan gustado las plantas. ¡Me han encantado!

Super puntual la entrega y la calidad de las plantas inmejorable, ha quedado perfecto, ayer mismo programé el riego y la verdad es que va perfecto el sistema de riego del jardín vertical.

Muchas gracias por todo, estoy muy contento y no paro de recomendaros y mostrar el jardín a los compañeros, amigos y familiares.


Muy recomendable

Una atención al cliente perfecta y cercana. Un producto a la altura de las expectativas. Muy recomendable!


Natura i jardí

Ja tinc el meu jardí alegrant el meu petit pis. Natura i diseny tot alhora dintre de casa!Preciós! I el tracte, enviament, etc de 10!



Ingenioso y moderno, resulta muy lucido. Silencioso y hecho con buenos materiales. Decora y divierte. En definitiva GENIAL


Good system

I bought the WiFi timer option and it's making it's job: it was easy to install and it's not giving problems. Plants are still alive, so I'm pretty happy!



I just bought one of your vertical gardens and I really like it, so thank you!


Precioso y muy sencillo

Muy buen servicio y buena calidad del producto. Queda genial en la casa!


Mi experiencia

El jardín va muy bien. Ningún problema. Que me enviárais plantas con tierra fue todo un acierto


Easy plant care

Plants thrive in this product! I really love the automising of watering - it's so easy now to have plants.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Muy versátil!

Es un producto muy versátil ya que se pueden utilizar plantas con y sin tierra, modular las partes de la estructura de manera que se adapten a mis espacios

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


Ya lo tenemos instalado! Es precioso y las plantas nos encantan

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
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