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Subscribe to receive new plants every season directly to your home for a year. Personalise your subscription: choose the plant stand and the plants you like best. With the CitySens subscription programme, save money and enjoy a unique corner that changes with the new colours of each season.

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Discover the new CitySens plant subscription programme with the vertical planter!

What are the advantages of the subscription? Receive the plants you choose every new season by subscription for a year, save money and receive flowering plants to decorate your home! 

Besides, many times we have to give a special gift to someone close to us... and CitySens can't think of anything better than sending plants to their home as a gift. 

The subscription is valid throughout Spain, we send plants to Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Tarragona... There's nothing we like more than to fill every city with green! 

When will you send me the indoor and outdoor plants?

Before Christmas you will receive poinsettias or winter plants to give a touch of life and colour to these important dates. 

At the beginning of spring you will be able to choose from a wide variety of leafy and flowering plants perfect for brightening up any space. We love indoor plants such as monstera or our exclusive selection of ferns.  

At the beginning of summer we will send you sun resistant plants so that you can go on holiday without any worries. You can choose from croton, sanseviera and aloe vera. Summer plants are a real explosion of colour!

In autumn we will send you plants in soft tones to give warmth to your plant corner. Would you like us to send you marantha or hanging plants such as pothos and philodendrons?  

At CitySens we select one by one the best plants from local nurseries and we send them perfectly protected. They are plants of proximity and maximum quality, grown in nurseries in Tarragona. We send them directly from the nursery to your home, without passing through cold storage. With Km 0 seasonal plants our aim is to offer quality plants online and support local growers and nurserymen. 

Buy plants online and live every season surrounded by plants!