The Sansevieria is a very resistant plant ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The plant is sent with the appropriate substrate for the chosen crop.

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The Sansevieria is a highly resistant plant with large vertical leaves fleshy and flat. This plant is perfect for indoor spaces as it does not need much light and supports the warm temperatures of the home. The Sansevieria is an air purifying plant that removes toxins from the space where it is located, knows more about how to generate pure air thanks to the plants in this TED video.





Hardy indoor plants. Temperature: between 10 and 35 ºC.

Light: minimum of 6h indirect light a day. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Irrigation cultivation with soil: 1 irrigation / week. Hydroponic irrigation: 1 irrigation / day.

Nutrients: follow indications of CitySens nutrients.

Ambient humidity: any moisture level goes well.

Inedible plants.



- Sanseviera.

- Exchangeable grid pot.

- Cloth bag as a filter that prevents the passage of dirt to the irrigation pipes.

- Substrate



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