Pack of 3 special Spring plants

Pack of 3 spring-summer season plants for outdoor spaces:

- Carnation

- Geranium

- Red Rosebush

Outdoor plants approximately 25-30 cm tall in 12 cm diameter pots.

Add a decorative indoor pot in the color you like best: white, anthracite, dark green and tile red. Pots made of 100% recycled plastic.

Local plants of the highest quality, grown in nurseries in Spain. We send them directly from the nursery to your home, without going through cold rooms.

Home delivery in 48 hours. CitySens guarantee: if the plant arrives damaged, we replace it.


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Decorative plant pot


The carnation, the geranium and the pitimini rose are plants that are characterized by blooming in spring-summer and by their striking colored flowers. They are undemanding plants, that with a few simple and proper care your terrace can be the envy of the whole neighborhood.

Carnation: Possibly the most popular decorative flowering plant on balconies and patios. And the carnation is a marvel: it produces very brightly colored petals every season, and it also does so for several months a year. In addition, it is synonymous with party: it is the protagonist of San Isidro and it is the stamp of flamenco. It is a perfect ornamental plant to fill your home with color, place it in pots on a table or as a cut flower. The carnation is synonymous with spring!

Geranium: If there is a flower that will devastate anywhere, it is the geranium. With more than 240 varieties, pelargonium (in its scientific sense) is the undisputed king of balconies. Mix it up with other queens of summer, like lavender or rose bushes. Create your own oasis! If you decorate the interior of the house with geraniums, place them near the windows, they bring color, freshness and a lot of life. By the way, we love how geraniums look in the kitchen, dining room or living room with the wall pot. A resounding yes!

Rose pitiminí: The rose of pitiminí, pitiminí or rosal mini is an evergreen shrub fruit of a dwarfing mutation of some ancient roses and a group of hybrids of modern garden roses that occurred in seventeenth-century Europe and China. Its height ranges from 20 to 100 centimeters. It develops upright stems with dark green oval leaves and with a serrated margin. From spring to late autumn it produces flowers ranging from 5 to 12 cm in diameter, fragrant and of very varied colors (yellow, pink, red, white).



A very practical way to keep these plants in season is with a vertical wall planter. Furthermore, you increase the decorative value and the plants shine in all their splendour. The CitySens model is totally waterproof, so it can be installed both inside and outside. Also, it features an automatic irrigation system. Moreover, the installation system is very simple; depending on the type of wall it can be hung with thin nails, screws, hooks (without drilling) or adhesive hangers. You can place the pots in multiple combinations to match your taste and space.

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Outdoor plants.

Ideal temperature:  they need sun, warm temperatures (22º to 24º during the day, and 10º to 12º at night), good drainage and a porous or light soil.

Light:  place them in a very bright place in the home, avoiding the hottest areas of the house, since excess heat causes the plant to finish its cycle earlier, reducing the life of its flowers.

Irrigation: they prefer short and frequent irrigations. It is important that the substrate is moist at all times (avoiding waterlogging).

Nutrients:  must be paid from early spring to early fall. Follow directions for CitySens nutrients. Follow directions for CitySens nutrients.

Substrate: they prefer loose, porous and well-drained soils to avoid waterlogging.

Ambient humidity: medium-high humidity level.

Inedible plants.

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Secure payment with Visa or Mastercard, bank transfer or PayPal.

By validating the order, the preparation process begins. The delivery is within 48h to 72h.

You will receive notifications via email confirming the order, preparation and shipment.

The plants are sent in a box of their size, perfectly protected to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition.

If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 14 calendar days. We will manage the return through a courier service.

Warranty: If you receive the plants in poor condition, we will take care of the replacement within 5 days after purchase.

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