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Tired of all your houseplants dying? Here are some hardy and easy to care for houseplants that can survive and withstand anything.


Maybe you just haven't chosen the right plant for your space, you're a beginner in the field, or you're inconsistent in your plant care. Luckily, we have some super-tough, long-lasting plants that will also take care of your health and turn your home into a plant paradise.




It is a houseplant native to Africa, very resistant and undemanding thanks to its leaves that store water and withstand heat and drought very well. Its leaves are thick and have a bright green color with a waxy texture that anyone will fall in love with.

Zamioculcas is also called Raven Plant, Cupboard Plant or ZZ Plant (due to its British name Zamioculcas zamiifolia), and this wonder can survive in places with very little light. It is a strong, slow-growing plant that stands out for its elegant and wild appearance and also purifies the air. What more could you ask for?




Sansevieria, popularly known as mother-in-law's tongue because of its long, affiliated leaves, is an all-terrain plant that survives extreme conditions and is liked by almost everyone. You can find it both in places with avant-garde designs and in old farmhouses.

It requires very little care and in winter you don't need to water it. You just need to prevent its roots from rotting due to overwatering. Therefore, use good drainage. For it to grow upright and its leaves do not fall, prefer small pots and pots rather than large and loose.


detalle EP

Ficus Elástica

If you are looking for indoor plants with little care, the ficus elastica is a very acceptable option. It needs brightness but not direct light and moderate watering. The only thing you should keep in mind is that it appreciates frequent spraying (especially in summer).



They are all beautiful and similar to care for, so we thought that the best way to have resistant and low light indoor plants was to turn them into the Pack of 3 indestructible plants and so you can enjoy the green in your home without any concern.


Pack de 3 plantas resistentes

Pack of 3 hardy plants




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