Tips for caring for your plants

“All the plants are dying, even the plastic ones”


A few days ago we received an email with this confession: to him, like many of us, we like to have plants at home, but for almost cosmic reasons we can not keep them alive. For all who suffer this curse, we have written this post.


Do you like plants but you can not keep them alive?


If your answer is affirmative, and even the plastic plants are dying, then we have good news.

It’s very likely that you will walk with too many occupations and little free time at home, and that is why you do not have time to keep your plants taken care of as they deserve. Another problem is that not all plants are resistant to the temperature, light and humidity conditions of our floors, houses or offices.

The constant change of temperature in our spaces caused by the use of heating or air conditioning can be solved with a automatic irrigation constant. So no, you should not feel that you are the victim of a curse or that it is not in your genes to care for plants, you should simply find plants that fit your lifestyle in combination with a intelligent irrigation system.


What do you have to do to keep them alive?


We give you five tips to keep your plants alive:

1.Choose families of suitable plants for the space where you want to place them. The best spain are the interiors with good light. For the same space, choose plants that require the same humidity and amount of light.

2.The heating and air conditioning of the office or our home also affects the plants, especially if they are from a tropical climate. Try placing plants away from the air conditioner or radiator. If it’s unavoidable, try to choose hardy plants like the sanseviera or the dracena.

3.Find out how often you must water your plant, each family of plants has a different irrigation needs : you can go from plants that require it daily or some of only one irrigation per week.

4.Complement the irrigation with nutrients for plants . Add the nutrients at the time of irrigation to keep the plants always strong against fungal or insect attacks

5.Try to keep the soil of your plants moist. If you do not spend a lot of time at home, or be a clueless person, bet on self-help systems that help to maintain the proper and constant risk. You even have the option of irrigation programmable via WiFi that you can control from your mobile at any time of the day.

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