Pilea Raindrop

Pilea Raindrop

Pilea Raindrop is a green leafy plant native to China, characterized by its resistance.

Plant 20 cm tall in 12cm diameter pot.

Add a decorative indoor pot in the color of your choice: white, anthracite, dark green and brick red. Pots made of 100% recycled plastic.

Quality plants. We send them directly from the nursery to your home, without going through cold rooms.

Home delivery in 48-72h. CitySens guarantee: if the plant arrives damaged, we will replace it.

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Decorative plant pot

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From the nursery to your home

We select the best plants from trusted local nurseries and ship them directly to your home, without cold storage.




We take care of every detail, protecting your plant with cardboard, paper or reused plastic.

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CitySens Guarantee: if the plant arrives damaged, we will replace it.




Chinese money plant, UFO plant, pancake plant or missionary plant is a leafy green indoor plant characterized by its unique big leaves. It is a hardy houseplant.

In addition, it purifies the air, diffusing fresh oxygen to any room in your home. In short, a unique indoor plant perfect to create an authentic urban jungle.

Common names: pilea raindrop, Chinese money plant, UFO plant, pancake plant or missionary plant

Scientific name: Peperomia Polybotrya Raindrop.

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Indoor plant.

Ideal temperature: he likes hot weather and hates cold, drafts and frost. Do not place it near doors or windows that open and close constantly or near sources of heat or air conditioning, they dry out the environment.

Light: very bright place, with indirect light. Its delicate leaves cannot withstand direct sunlight on them, they have very little resistance since they are tremendously thin and dehydrate easily.

Humidity: ambient humidity will help your leaves to appear shiny and will also favor them to be somewhat larger. In summer it is necessary to moisten all the foliage frequently so that the tips of the leaves do not turn brown and dry.

Irrigation: moderate, without flooding the substrate! This should be damp.

Nutrients: add nutrients from May to October, every 15 days. Follow instructions for CitySens organic nutrients.

Substrate: give it a quality substrate, with organic matter, that is loose and well drained. The plant will not get waterlogged and the roots will be properly oxygenated.

Trasplant: transplant when the roots are generously poking through the drainage holes. It is recommended to add a pot 1 or 2 numbers larger than the previous one. It is better to do it gradually and not put a very large pot on it all at once, its roots could rot. We recommend doing it once every two years or so (during the spring).

Inedible plant.

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Warranty: If you receive the plants in poor condition, we will take care of the replacement within 5 days after purchase.

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