Hydroponic Indoor Garden with Herbs Seeds

Hydroponic indoor garden with herbs seeds kit and automatic irrigation.

Specially designed for herbs hydroponic cultivation.

Includes herbs seeds kit, hydroponic substrate, grid pots, filters, hydroponic nutrients, pots and self-watering system with water pump and digital timer.

Customisable: choose the colour and number of pots.

Made with 100% recycled polypropylene.

Assembled by people with different abilities. By choosing this product you help us to promote their social inclusion.

Free 48h home delivery. 2 year guarantee.

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Diseño sostenible



This indoor garden has been specially designed to enjoy hydroponics comfortably at home.

Proyecto con responsabilidad social


Social and sustainable

Made in Spain with recycled and recyclable materials. We turn 800 plastic cups into your hydroponic planter.

Macetas verticales personalizables



Create your own hydroponics indoor garden. Customize it by choosing the color and height.

Premios diseño de producto


Award-winning design

Its design has been recognized with international awards: IF Award, European Design Award, German Design Award.



Having an urban garden on the balcony or in the kitchen is easier than we think. The Citysens urban garden fits in any corner and its automatic hydroponic irrigation system makes it very easy to care for.

Urban gardens are the best way to grow vegetables and herbs in an ecological way and thus avoid pesticides. In addition, the freshly cut herbs will give much more taste to your dishes.



Hydroponics is a cultivation technique that makes it possible to grow plants without soil. Hydroponic cultivation has gained relevance in urban cultivation due to its efficiency:

  • The plant needs less space for cultivation. The result: more plants in less space.
  • It is a clean system because it does not use soil and dirt.
  • In hydroponics, the water with nutrients can be reused in the next irrigation. It saves up to 50% water and nutrient.
  • Optimizing water, nutrients and space, in adequate light and temperature conditions, crop production is increased.

At Citysens we have been studying hydroponics since 2011. Our conclusion is that hydroponics is a very useful system for growing plants in small spaces with natural light, such as dining rooms, balconies and offices. With hydroponics you will be able to have more plants in less space, place them vertically without mess and greatly reduce water and fertilizer consumption.


huerto hidropónico CitySens



The CitySens vertical planter is a modular system of vertical hydroponic pots with automatic irrigation.

It includes a recirculating irrigation system, ideal for hydroponic growing.

The irrigation of the Citysens vertical hydroponic planter is biomimetic, that is, it mimics the water cycle in nature. The water rises from the water tank to the upper planter. Once at the top, it flows down pot by pot, watering each plant along the way. The excess water is collected back into the water tank and used for the next watering. Thus, you'll save up to 50% water and nutrients and you'll get a watering autonomy of 30 to 60 days.

The water pump is very silent and the system has an electrical consumption of less than 1 €/year.

No extra pipes or connections are necessary. The automatic watering system is mounted at the same time as the vertical planter structure is mounted. Once the structure is mounted, the irrigation water passes through the inside of the planters to avoid splashing the soil.




This product includes a herbs seeds kit including coconut fiber substrate for hydroponic cultivation.

Hydroponic herbs seeds: seed of basil, parsley, chives and cilantre are included with this product.

Light: minimum 6 hours of direct light per day.

Substrate: coconut fiber.

Watering: 1 daily watering of 2 minutes.

Nutrients: 20 mL of CitySens hydroponic nutrients per 5L of water.

In addition to herbs, you can grow many other hydroponic vegetables in the CitySens garden. Here are some of the easiest plants to grow in your CitySens hydroponic garden:


Hydroponic vegetables: strawberries, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, endive, arugula.

Light: minimum 6 hours of direct light per day.

Substrate: coconut fiber.

Watering: 1 daily watering of 2 minutes.

Nutrients: 20 mL of CitySens hydroponic nutrients per 5L of water.




Citysens nutrients are a mixture of 14 mineral salts ideal for the cultivation of hydroponic plants.

Conventional nutrients have an average of 7 of these elements. CitySens hydroponic nutrients are composed of all 14 mineral elements that plants need for their optimal development. It contains macronutrients and micronutrients in the right proportion for the recirculating irrigation of the CitySens hydroponic pot.

This nutrient mixture can be used for a wide variety of plants. For general use in hydroponics, dissolve 20 mL of nutrient in the reservoir for every 5L of water to be added.

nutrientes hidropónicos



At CitySens we work with several types of hydroponic substrates. For herbs we recommend the use of coconut fiber. Coconut fiber is the hydroponic substrate that most resembles conventional soil. It is an absorbent substrate, widely used in the hydroponic cultivation of vegetables. It is ideal for hydroponic cultivation of seeds or seedlings. The coconut fiber distributes the irrigation water very well and maintains a good aeration at the roots.



- Kit of herbs seeds: basil, parsley, chives and coriander.

- Substrate for hydroponics: coconut fiber pellets.

- Base with wooden lid and water level indicator.

- Stackable pots with grid pots and filters.

- Automatic irrigation system: water pump, platinum silicone tubes and digital irrigation timer.

- Hydroponic nutrients for plants.

- Platinum silicone plug.

- User's manual.



Materials: 100% recycled polypropylene structure and stainless steel. Resistant to water and UV light. Non-yellowing. Wood treated against humidity. Platinum silicone tubes.

You may find some stains on the vertical planter due to the reuse process of 100% recycled polypropylene.

Net weight: 4 kg.

Height: 82/115/148 cm for the structures of 2, 3 and 4 pots respectively.

Width: 29 cm at the base.

Pot diameter: 13 cm.

organic hydroponic substrate



The CitySens garden is set up in three minutes.

The digital timer allows you to set up to 16 waterings per week, with a minimum watering time of 1 min.

Recommended watering: a daily watering of 2 minutes. For peach pit substrate, frequency can be increased to 2-3 waterings per day if necessary.

Nutrition: 20 mL of CitySens nutrients per 5L of water. Use lime-free water.

Maintenance: prune leaves and roots of plants once a month. Renew irrigation water twice a year.

Watering autonomy: 30 days in summer, 60 days in winter.

50% savings in water and nutrients. Electricity consumption: 1 €/year.



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