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This year we celebrate 5 years at CitySens. To celebrate, we look back and summarize in 3 sentences our commitment to give back to the society a part of what each of you give us every day:

- Together we have been protecting the planet for 5 years

- We recycle plastic waste products into international award-winning design products

- We only have one planet. There is no plan B: we must take care of it together

Sustainability is not an option, it is the solution.

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Autumn plants pack

Autumn plants pack

Price €32.64
Pack of autumn-winter season plants for outdoor spaces: - Cyclamen - Chrysanthemum - Christmas Cactus  The plants are about 15-20 cm high and are...
Nutrients plants

Plants ECO first aid kit

Price €29.00
Organic product kit for the treatment of the most common plant pests: powdery mildew, whitefly, cochineal and aphid. The kit contains: - Plant...
Crab Cactus

Crab Cactus

Price €10.82
The Christmas Cactus is a resistant plant of the autumn-winter season, ideal for outdoor spaces. The plant is about 15-20 cm high and is potted in...

Pack of 4 exclusive Pothos

Price €39.91
Pack of 4 potos: - Pothos Neon   - Pothos Pictus - Pothos Marble Queen - Pothos N'joy Indoor plants about 10-15 cm high in 15 cm diameter pots. Add...
Pack of air purifiering plants

Pack of air purifiering plants

Price €35.36
Pack of 4 plants which are capable of cleaning the air from pollutants: - Spathiphyllum - Spider Plant - Palm Tree - Pothos The plants are medium...
automatic irrigation

Automatic drip irrigation kit

Price €55.00
Kit of components to assemble tour own drip irrigtion system. Three models available: MINI for 6 plants, STANDARD for 12 plants and PLUS for 20...
Self-Watering Vertical Planter

Self-Watering Vertical Planter

Price €169.00
Self-watering vertical planter. Customizable: choose the color, wood and number of pots. Includes pots, irrigation pump, digital programmer and...
Shelves with herbs

Shelves with herbs

Price €139.00
4-tray plant shelves with 6 aromatic plants: Oregano, Mint, Parsley, Chives, Rosemary and Thyme. Includes culture pots made of 100% recycled...
CitySens gift card

CitySens gift card

Price €60.00
Do you want to surprise your loved ones this Christmas? Give a CitySens gift card and let them choose the gift they like the most from our catalog...