Indoor plants km 0: fern, staghorn ferns, philodendron micans, rabbit paw fern, purifying plants, boston fern.


New packs with km 0 plants and a variety of ferns and philodendrons of the highest quality. All our plants are grown in local nurseries in Tarragona (Spain). At CitySens we encourage positive local impact.

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Bluetooth plant sensor

Bluetooth plant sensor

Price €29.00
Connect the smart sensor via Bluetooth and learn about your plants.Real-time data sent directly on the light, humidity, temperature and nutrients...
Philodendron Micans

Philodendron Micans

Price €8.09
The Philodendron is a very resistant plant ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Plant of approx. 15 cm height. Potted in a 15 cm diameter grow...