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Hydroponic system

Indoor hydroponic vertical pots. Special hydroponic vertical potting systems for hydroponic cultivation.

Internationally awarded product: European Product Design Award, German Design Award, IF Award.

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CitySens nutrients

300 ml bottle with special nutrient formula. Ideal for the recircular irrigation of the CitySens garden. The nutrients designed by CitySens and...

Hydroponic Substrate: Peach Pits

Pack of peach pits for 4 flowerpots in the CitySens garden. Ideal as a hydroponic substrate for plants that need little humidity on the roots. It...

Pack of 4 mesh pots

Pack of 4 mesh pots, ideal for the recircular irrigation of the CitySens vertical planter. Black color. It allows the passage of water and favors...

The CitySens hydroponic planter includes a hydroponic watering system, hydroponic substrate and hydroponic nutrients. The vertical planter with hydroponic plants includes plants already prepared in hydroponics.

The self-watering hydroponic indoor garden includes herbs seeds and special hydroponic substrate for their growth. The product includes a hydroponic cultivation manual. It is a very simple system, ideal to start hydroponics at home.

The CitySens hydroponic pot is an easy-care vertical hydroponic garden, suitable for starting vertical hydroponics at home.