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Urban gardens

Vertical urban indoor gardens with automatic irrigation. Customizable design: choose the color, size and irrigation.

The CitySens indoor gardens are manufactured in Spain with 100% recycled polypropylene and PEFC certified wood. A team of 6 people with functional diversity assembles and packages the pieces. The CitySens team selects the best plants one by one and ships them perfectly protected.

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Herbs indoor garden

Indoor self-watering planter includes 4 herbs: basil, parsley, chive and oregano. Customize your garden: choose the planters color, the wood color,...

Planter with herbal seeds

Indoor self-watering planter includes 4 herbal seeds: Basil, Parsley, Chive and Oregano.Customize your garden: choose the planter's color, the wood...

Aromatic seed kit

Kit for sowing aromatic plants for the kitchen with seeds of: - Chives - Cilantro - Parsley - Basil The plants are sent with the appropriate...

Herbs pack

Pack of 4 aromatic plants: - Oregano - Mint - Parsley - Chives Availability according to season. The plants are sent with the appropriate substrate...

Organic pesticide

Organic pesticide for the treatment of the most common plant pests: white fly, cochineal and aphid. The kit contains: - 35 ml biodegradable...