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More and more people are deciding to opt for sustainable furniture to furnish their homes. Sustainability and the responsible use of natural resources has become our way of understanding life and everything around us. 

Eco-friendly furniture is furniture that is designed to last for many years and is made locally from natural or recycled raw materials. Their materials protect people's health, care for the planet and give a second life to existing resources.


Sustainable decoration and furniture 

When it comes to decorating our homes, we are all looking for a balance between quality, design and price.  Comfort and versatility are also aspects that we tend to take into account.

More and more of us, in addition to quality, design and price, take into account factors such as where it has been produced, the materials used, the working conditions and the impact on the environment. Sustainable consumption is key to minimising the impact of our purchases when we decorate our homes. Opting for sustainable furniture has many benefits, both for ourselves, for society and for the environment.

Society is moving steadily towards sustainability and care for the planet. For this reason, nowadays, the offer of ecological furniture is increasing. There is a wide variety of designs and styles, both for indoor and outdoor furnishing.

If we want to consume eco-friendly furniture responsibly, it is important to know the origin and see the certificates. For example, the PEFC certificate for wood guarantees that the furniture is made from wood from sustainably managed forests. This label is vital for combating illegal logging and contributing to the maintenance of ecosystems and ecological diversity, as well as supporting rural populations.

Thanks to the hard work of many brands and manufacturers, it is possible to combine design, quality, price and sustainability in eco-friendly furniture. Giving a second life to materials, as well as using more sustainable processes in their manufacture, has become the commitment of many brands and also a commitment of many consumers to continue preserving our planet.


decoración sostenible con plantas


Advantages of eco-friendly furniture

- Benefits for the environment: by using recycled and recyclable materials, we reduce CO2 emissions, optimise natural resources and contribute to the circular economy. For example, the use of recycled polypropylene avoids 50% of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. For every kilo of recycled polypropylene used, the emission of 1.7kg of CO2 is avoided.

- Health benefits: we avoid the use of volatile synthetic products that can be harmful to health.

- Benefits for society: the local manufacture of sustainable furniture promotes the relocation of the economy, fixes population in the territory and causes less impact on the environment. 

- Significant savings: eco-furniture also represents a significant saving in the long term because, being made from quality natural materials, it is much more durable than mass-produced furniture manufactured under low-quality automated manufacturing processes. 



estantería sostenible


Sustainable decorating ideas

One of the favourite plant stands from our wide range of eco-friendly furniture is the vertical planter with drip irrigation system. Its main advantage? It incorporates an automatic watering system so your plants won't die. It is made of 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene.

Is it possible to find a modular plant shelves that meets all the ecological requirements? The answer is yes, the CitySens plant shelves is manufactured in Spain with 100% recycled polypropylene and wood from PEFC-certified forests. Its design is timeless modular and customisable. You can change its configuration whenever you want.

Another favourite option, for both indoor and outdoor spaces, is our wall planter. It is a planter designed to hang plants on any wall, which incorporates capillary irrigation. It is made from 100% recycled materials.


macetero sostenible y reciclado


The DNA of CitySens

- Circular economy: we work with high quality polypropylene, 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. All CitySens products will last you for many years, but when they reach the end of their life cycle, recycle their components. They can become your next CitySens product!

- Zero Waste: we use cardboard and paper for our packaging, avoiding single-use plastic.

- Ecological seals: we work with PEFC certified wood for forest sustainability.

- Local manufacturing: we prioritise Spanish suppliers, to favour the local economy and at the same time reduce the impact of transport as much as possible. 85% of the components of CitySens products are manufactured in Alicante.

- Social impact: we collaborate with Fundació Pere Mata and Fundació Santa Teresa, where people with disabilities assemble and package the product.


maceta de plástico reciclado



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