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Vertical Planter

Vertical planters with automatic irrigation for indoor and outdoor plants. Customizable plant support: choose the color, the number of pots and the color of the wood. Discover also decorative pots with packs of seasonal plants.

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Self-Watering Vertical Planter

Self-Watering Vertical Planter

Price €169.00
Self-watering vertical planter. Customizable: choose the color, wood and number of pots. Includes pots, irrigation pump, digital programmer and...
Vertical Planter with herbs

Vertical Planter with herbs

Price €185.00
Indoor self-watering planter includes 4 herbs: basil, parsley, chive and oregano. Customize your garden: choose the planters color, the wood color,...
Vertical Planter with orchids

Vertical Planter with orchids

Price €219.00
Vertical planter with two orchids and two leafy green plants. Customize your vertical garden. Choose the color, the wood and the self-watering...
Vertical Planter

Planter with 8 plants

Price €204.00
Indoor vertical garden with 2 plants per planter, 8 plants in total. Customize your garden: choose the planters color, the wood color, the watering...

Discover the 100% sustainable and 100% social vertical planter CitySens!

Why is it so important that your plants are cared for by the CitySens self-watering pot? One of the main advantages of CitySens vertical pots is that it incorporates the automatic watering system, an automatic vertical watering that will take care of your plants. In addition, placing the plants vertically makes them receive more light and creates a unique green decoration.

CitySens decorative pots are sustainable and social because they are manufactured in Spain with 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene, and are assembled by people with functional diversity at the Pere Mata Foundation and the Santa Teresa Foundation.

What indoor and outdoor plants are best suited to my space? Which one do I decide for?

You can choose between several packs of vertical planters with plants. Air purifying plants cleanse the air of harmful toxins and help you breathe cleaner air.

Red anthurium is a hardy indoor plant that is included in the vital red pack. It is an elegant and very striking houseplant that never goes out of style.

The packs with orchids are the perfect gift for people looking for a decorative pot that also takes care of the plants.

Would you like to have plants in the bedroom? The placid blue pack includes Singonium, Fern, Spatiphilium and Philodendron, an ideal plant pack for the bedroom. The vertical planter with automatic watering system will ensure that your plants are well cared for.