Plants wih kids at home?


Many parents ask us: do you recommend us having plants at home with kids? Plants coexist perfectly with children . It's true that children are curious and when they start walking they tend to touch everything, including plants. We also have kids at home and we have lived it ourselves. But we've seen that after teaching them with patience that plants are delicate and must be respected, they understand it and they take care of them. So, why avoid having plants at home?

Plants have multiple benefits for families that live in cities. In addition to creating a cozy atmosphere, they help us to break with the asphalt, to be in direct contact with nature, and something very important to keep in mind: they eliminate toxins from the air coming from cars, paints, furniture, etc.


Recommended plants for a house with children

These are the plants that we recommend for a house with children:air purigying plants(spider plant, potho, spatiphylium, palm and sanseviera) and the pacid blue plants(dracena, singonium, potho and spatiphylium). They are plants that clean the airfrom toxins and they are also friendly with small spaces. They are even plants indicated to eliminate air pollution in the baby's room. With this winning team we can bring nature closer to the little ones and enjoy it all together.

Another very interesting idea is to have aromatic plants. Urban gardens stimulates the whole family: there are studies that ensure that children who are related daily with nature develop a greater sense of responsibility, eat better, show greater interest for learning and assume more responsible attitudes towards the environment. It is also interesting that urban gardens, even in a corner of the dining room or kitchen, make us more aware of the nature cycles and the seasons.


P.S. Did you know that every day we breathe 11,400 liters of air? Many think that pollution is outside our homes and offices, but it is just the opposite. Several studies have shown that indoor contamination can be 5 times higher than on the street, due to lack of ventilation.


plants with children

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