Customizable self-watering vertical planters. Vertical pots for home or the office. Self-watering planters and flower pots.

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Find here packs of self-watering planters and plant shelves at the best price.

You can customize the color, size and type of irrigation of each product.

All CitySens products are manufactured in Spain with 100% recycled polypropylene. A team of
6 people with functional diversity assemble and package the pieces. The CitySens team selects the plants one by one and we send them ready to place, perfectly protected.

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Plant shelves for indoor plants

Plant pack

Self-watering CitySens vertical planter with indoor plants

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Vertical Planter with herbs

Vertical Planter with herbs

Price €175.00
Indoor self-watering planter includes 4 herbs: mint, parsley, chive and oregano. Customize your garden: choose the planters color, the wood cover...
Vertical Planter with orchids

Vertical Planter with orchids

Price €208.00
Special edition as a Valentine's day gift. Self-watering indoor vertical garden with orchids and tropical green plants. 30-60 days plant sitter....