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CitySens best-seller designs: self-watering vertical planters, modular plant shelves and wall planters with automatic irrigation.

All products are manufactured in Spain with recycled and recyclable polypropylene. We work together with the Pere Mata and Santa Teresa Foundations for the social inclusion of people with functional diversity.

Vertical Planter

Vertical planters with automatic irrigation for indoor and outdoor plants....

Plant Shelves

Modular plant shelves with drip irrigation system. Customizable plant support: choose...

Wall planter

Self-watering wall planter for indoor and outdoor plants. Customize your hanging pots...


Indoor plants, seasonal and top quality plants for home or office. Choose from our...

Plant care

Discover our selection of online products to take care of your plants.


Accessories for CitySens vertical garden

Packs with plants

Find here packs of self-watering vertical planters, plant shelves and wall planters at the best price.

Automatic irrigation...

Selection of the different self watering planters: self watering plant pot, diy self...

Automatic irrigation

Automatic drip irrigation system perfect for indoor or outdoor plants. Pack with water...

Hydroponic system

Indoor hydroponic vertical pots. Special hydroponic vertical potting systems for hydroponic cultivation.



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