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Handmade kokedamas: each kokedama is a unique piece, handmade, one by one, with the highest quality. Giving a kokedama is an original gift: each kokedama is unique.

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Giving a kokedama as a gift is a very good idea if you want an original gift for a plant lover. Give quality kokedama, made with resistant plants. The gift of a kokedama always surprises.

If you want to buy quality kokedamas or kokedamas at a good price, at CitySens we have selected the best kokedamas at the best price.

The kokedama plant to buy online offers the advantage that we send it to its destination within 24 hours. We offer the service for all Spain of kokedama of florist's shop. We send kokedama to Barcelona, kokedama to Madrid, kokedama to Lisbon, kokedama to Brussels, kokedama to Stuttgart, kokedama to Luxembourg and all over Europe.