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2018 brought many joys to Citysens, one of which has been the international recognition of the Citysens products' design. Five international juries have highlighted the functionality of the design, its adaptation to the challenges of the current urban gardening and Citysens sustainability philosophy.


“A design is not finished until someone is using it”
Brenda Laurel


The design of the Citysens garden is the result of collaboration with the Swedish designer Pär Blanking and the study Lúcid Product Design Aagency (led by Pol A. Fantoba and Marc Fabra Ferrer). In the words of the team Lúcid: “We design a unique garden of contemporary aesthetics composed of modules of fast connection and adjustable every 90º. In addition, it incorporates a special system of automatic and hydroponic irrigation so it does not need dirt and does not soil.”

In this article we propose a brief recount of the five awards received in recent months.


decoración con plantas y música

Five design awards you should know

- IF Awards: since 1953, designers, manufacturers and users have considered IF as a sign of good design. These awards, awarded in Germany, enjoy great international recognition and are considered the Golden Globes of product design. The IF Awards jury considers criteria such as: innovation, functionality, aesthetics and social responsibility.

- European Product Design Award : this award recognizes the efforts of talented designers and design teams that aspire to improve everyday life with practical and beautiful creations, designed to solve a problem, make life easier or simply extend joy. Each year these prestigious prizes are awarded in the European Parliament building. The organizers of the European Product Design Awards highlight in their words "the importance of design as an important means to unify ideas and unite people".

- Good Design Award : is the most important design award in Australia, originally established by the Industrial Design Council of Australia in 1958 and recognized as one of the oldest and most respected design awards in the world. Good Design Awards They have one of the most diverse categories of categories, covering seven main design disciplines in 25 categories. In the 2017 edition of Citysens we had the privilege of obtaining the prize within the category Household items, fashion and objects.

- German Design Award : since 1953 the German Design Council, the German design and trademark authority, has awarded the German Design Award. In its latest edition, Citysens had the honor of being recognized with the award in the category of Home Accessories. The jury includes expert designers such as: Dr. Angelika Nollert, Director of the International Design Museum in Munich, or Margarete Wies, Head of comprehensive user experience, e-Mobility product line at Volkswagen AG.

At Citysens we work with the idea that a good design is not complete until you can enjoy it. Make it possible that regardless of your space and time you can enjoy an indoor garden is the best reward we can receive. If in the last 50 years the way of cooking, dressing, communicating ... Why not change the way you enjoy your plants?



German Design Award 2018 Citysens

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