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That is the eternal question and what worries us most when the heat arrives. Today we bring you some very easy tricks for watering plants in summer and on vacation.



Keeping plants cool

The great solution for watering in summer (and all year round) are irrigation systems, but if not all our plants can have them, here are some tips that are sure to help you keep them fresh, green and beautiful during the hot months.


- Time to water!

Calm down, it is not necessary to set an alarm, but it is important to choose your watering time in summer. Avoid strong sunlight hours, because basically half of the water will evaporate.

The best time is in the evening or early morning. Morning is the best time for the plant, because this is when the osmotic pressure is produced that makes the water circulate through stems, leaves and flowers, but part of this water is lost with the heat during the day. At night the soil has more time to absorb the water and will hold moisture longer.

As both have advantages and disadvantages you can choose one of the two according to your schedule; this way you make sure you don't forget and spend a few minutes to enjoy your plants, either before leaving the house in the morning or when you return home in the evening.



- Watch out for the leaves!

It is important not to leave the leaves with water, even if it is great to clean them from time to time to promote photosynthesis, especially in indoor plants, we do not want to leave drops or wet leaves.

During the night, it can favor the appearance of mildew and if you water in the morning the sun can make a magnifying glass effect and burn them.

To water your plants without wetting the leaves, plates will be your best allies. You can put the water directly in the dish and the plant will absorb it as it needs it. Remember that your CitySens modular shelves work great as plant saucers thanks to their one-centimeter raised rim.


- Water thoroughly!

Almost more than increasing the frequency of watering, it's important to water better. We must make sure that the water soaks all the soil, so that all the roots receive their dose of water, which allows the plant to grow uniformly and absorb all the nutrients from the soil.

Watch out! It is important to keep the humidity so that they do not rot in the heat, but remember that it is easier to recover a dry plant than a drowned one.

In addition, the roots need a little dryness for the plant to grow. As in summer we need to keep them a little more humid you will see that they grow a little more slowly, for that reason the nutrients are going to become your great friends.

hojas croton.


So, how do I know if it lacks water?

1 Strength: lift the pot, if it is heavy, it has water. To take the measure, lift it as soon as you water it, after a few days when you pick it up again you will notice the difference and you will know if it needs more or less water.

2 Get dirty: touch the soil a little with your finger, if it sticks to it, it has moisture and watering can wait. But if you use plates, go to trick 3.

3 Touch it!: To avoid getting dirty or if the soil is a little hard, you can put a wooden stick or dig a little soil with a rake, but move a little away from the main stem, when you take it out you will see if it has soil stuck to it or if it comes out dry and needs water. By the way, you will be able to aerate the roots.


What do I do with my plants during the vacations?

As we said, the great solution for watering during the vacations are irrigation systems; they are ideal for the whole year, but even more so when we are away for a few days.

We know that our neighbors and relatives have the sky won by coming every time we escape, but with irrigation systems you don't need to bother them anymore.

However, it is important that you don't leave it to the last minute, because we know each other! Irrigation systems are very useful but require some preparation and it is important to have a margin of a few weeks to adjust well the time and the amount of water that our plants need so that coming home is a joy.

macetero riego.


- Types of automatic irrigation:

Automatic watering system, a water pump connected to a timer, like our vertical planter. You can find it with a digital or wifi timer, which is controlled with your mobile, tablet or Alexa.

Drip irrigation system or also known as drip irrigation. It serves to connect all your plants and is the perfect complement to our shelf, like the previous one, it has digital and wifi version, the difference is that each plant has its dripper that waters it drop by drop.

Our wall planters have a capillary irrigation system; the external pot is filled with water and connected to the internal one with a fabric string that absorbs the water and irrigates our plant, that is to say, they are pots with built-in irrigation.

riego gota a gota.


As you can see there are many versions, but all of them allow us to enjoy the vacations and our plants all year round without worries. In addition, although they require an initial investment, they save a large amount of water because they only use the water your plants need, which means that they pay for themselves in the first summer.

Regardless of whether you are encouraged with irrigation systems or not, it is important to remember that water is a precious, finite and scarce commodity, let's water wisely, we will not only save money but we will be helping the planet.


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