automatic irrigation

Automatic drip irrigation with water tank

Automatic drip irrigation system.

Three models available: MINI for 6 floors, STANDARD for 12 floors and PLUS for 20 floors.

Includes 7 litre water tank.

Made in Spain by people with different abilities. Choosing this product help us to promote their social inclusion.

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Automatic drip irrigation is an ideal solution for watering your plants during the holidays. It is also an ideal irrigation system for daily watering of plants throughout the year, since it allows adjusting the irrigation guidelines according to the needs of the plants at each time of the year.

The drip irrigation system contains a 7L water tank with a wooden lid and a water level indicator.



Drip irrigation is the perfect solution for potted plants, although it can also be used for planters and urban gardens, as multiple drippers can be placed in each planter.

This irrigation system can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Some plants need more frequent watering than others. For example, many aromatic plants in pots require full sun and frequent watering in small quantities. This watering is also very suitable for leafy indoor plants such as ferns, which need constant watering.



Automatic drip irrigation is manufactured with high quality components. It is a robust system that will work well for many years.

This automatic drip irrigation pack includes quality transparent PVC tubing. The reservoir is made of non-yellowing recycled plastic and a moisture resistant wooden lid.

The kit includes high quality pressure compensated drippers, which ensure uniform watering of plants, whatever their position and height.



MINI: designed for small groups of up to 6 plants. It includes a water tank with a wooden lid, an irrigation pump, a digital timer, 5 meters tubing, 6 adjustable drippers and 6 T connections.

STANDAR: designed for groups of up to 12 plants. It includes a water tank with a wooden lid, an irrigation pump, a digital timer, 10 meters tubing, 12 adjustable drippers and 12 T connections.

PLUS: designed for large groups of up to 20 plants. It includes a water tank with a wooden lid, an irrigation pump, a digital timer, 20 meters tubing, 20 adjustable drippers and 20 T connections.

All models need a plug less than 2 meters away.



- Water tank capacity: 7 liters

- Minimum watering: 33 ml per dropper (1/8 part of a glass of water)

- Irrigation autonomy:

MINI: 35 irrigations of 33 ml per dropper for 6 plants.

STANDAR: 17 irrigations of 33 ml per dropper for 12 plants.

PLUS: 10 irrigations of 33 ml per dropper for 20 plants.

riego automático gota a gota


- Irrigation tube (5, 10 or 20 meters)

- Pressure compensated * drippers (6, 12 or 20 units)

- 3-way connectors (6, 12 or 20 units)

- 4-way connector (1, 2 or 4 units)

- Tubing stake (6, 12 or 20 units)

- Digital timer

- Water pump

- Water tank (7 liters)

- Wooden lid

- Water level indicator

- Wire or tube holder

* Pressure compensated drippers give the same flow rate (approx.) regardless of the height or position of the dripper.

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