At CitySens, innovation meets elegance with our wall-mounted pot hanging system. A design that not only saves space but also beautifies any corner of your home with a touch of nature.


1. Inspiration

Our design begins with inspiration in simplicity and functionality. We observe how people seek to incorporate plants in reduced spaces and create a solution that is both practical and aesthetically attractive.

Initial stages of the design of the wall-mounted pot hanging system, showing preliminary sketches and inspiration.


2. Innovative Design

The concept turns into a concrete design through a collaborative process with designers and artisans. Clean lines and functionality are the main focus, resulting in a hanging system that is intuitive and easy to install.

The collaborative design process for the pot hanging system, highlighting the focus on simplicity and functionality.


3. Prototyping and Testing

We create prototypes and perform exhaustive tests to ensure the durability and safety of the hanging system. Each prototype undergoes testing to ensure that pots remain secure and stable on the wall.

Prototypes of the pot hanging system, showing various stages of testing to ensure stability and safety.


4. Responsible Production

Committed to sustainability, we select the highest quality and ecologically responsible materials. Production is carried out on demand, minimizing waste and promoting conscious consumption.

The selection of sustainable materials for the production of the pot hanging system, in line with CitySens' environmental responsibility.


5. The Final Touch

The final product is an elegant and minimalist pot hanging system that transforms any wall into a vibrant green space. Its discreet and functional design allows the plants to be the true protagonists.

The pot hanging system installed on the wall with plants, showing the final product in use and how it enriches the living space.