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Automatic irrigation systems

Selection of the different self watering planters: self watering plant pot, diy self watering planter and capillary irrigation. All are self-watering pots. The perfect solution for your plants to survive this summer. In addition, you will find sun-resistant plants and accessories so that your plants are beautiful 365 days a year.

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automatic irrigation

Automatic drip irrigation kit

Price €55.00
Kit of components to assemble tour own drip irrigtion system. Three models available: MINI for 6 plants, STANDARD for 12 plants and PLUS for 20...
Bluetooth plant sensor

Bluetooth plant sensor

Price €29.00
Connect the smart sensor via Bluetooth and find out about the needs of your plants.The real-time data will be sent directly to your device. You...
Self-Watering wall planter

Self-Watering wall planter

Price €34.00
Indoor and outdoor wall planter with automatic capillary irrigation. Choose the color: white, gray or matt black. Includes: inner pot, outer pot,...
Vertical Planter with herbs

Vertical Planter with herbs

Price €185.00
Indoor self-watering planter includes 4 herbs: basil, parsley, chive and oregano. Customize your garden: choose the planters color, the wood color,...