What is sustainable consumption?


Reduce the consumption of natural resources and reduce the percentage of waste. Sustainable consumption calls for each one of us to be aware consumers to reduce the impact that we generate on the environment.

Even the UN has chosen sustainable consumption as one of its main objectives. According to the Organization of the United Nations, it has to look for and bet by modalities of consumption and production that do not impact negatively in our planet. This objective takes into account the entire life cycle of the product, since the materials are recyclable, through the creation of jobs that are well paid and with good working conditions, to promote a positive environmental and social impact.

Only by making sustainable consumers we can guarantee a better world for future generations , so it is essential that companies and individuals reach our best to paddle in the same direction.


How to make sustainable consumption of my consumption?


A very powerful idea is to think that every euro we spend is a vote. A vote for how we want it to be the world we live in. Do we want wealth to be concentrated or distributed? Do we want environmental sustainability to be a must for companies or not? Do we want companies to generate jobs in our territory or not? Thinking that everything we buy is a vote makes us more active and conscious consumers (we will vote every day several times!).

We do not propose a radical change, because we know that radical changes do not work (see diets for example). It's about incorporating new habits. Being a sustainable consumer can be achieved step-by-step, for example:

- Find out if the brands you use are part of social or environmental sustainability programs.

- Check if your preference brands use redistribution actions, that is, if they are equitable with the resources they use.

-Try to choose products with respectful materials with the environment : recycled, recyclable or with a durability of more than five years. Buying and throwing (the programmed obsolescence) doesn’t work.

- Finally, take part into the movement. Join trademarks or brands and products campaigns with sustainability and eco-frendly labels.

In recent years in social networks, many emerging and entrepreneurial brands have organized movements like #GreenFriday , which makes the famous #BlackFriday one day to make more responsible, sustainable and respectable purchases with the environment. An initiative that began in Spain in 2016 and to whichCitysens we unite to promote a fairer world. We'll explain more to you in the next post!


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