Don't worry! Life begins again with autumn.
(From the movie The Great Gatsby)


Autumn changes the landscape, it brings spectacular outdoor colors and also changes the needs of water, temperature and humidity in our indoor plants. Starting in September and October, it is necessary to change some habits when taking care of plants.

In the case of indoor plants it is essential to remove old leaves. If you have exotic plants or tropical plants like the Spider plant, remember that you should look for warm places like the corridor or a warm living room to be protected by sudden temperature changes.

As for watering, your plants will need less water so try to maintain a lower watering, for example going from two times a week to only one. Periodically check the soil moisture and remember that using heating systems can increase the need of water.


Healthy plants are strong plants

Sometimes we become worried because we think that with the change of season our plants will not survive, say goodbye to those thoughts and prepare your plants with nutrients that make them resistant to these cold months.

It is ok for plants to lose some color or foliage. However, it is necessary to maintain the necessary nutrients, remember that even though they lose green color or leaves our plants are alive and require specific nutrients to withstand the winter and to rejuvenate in the spring. That's why special nutrient for plants are ideal allies to give that vitamin boost they need.


Necessary nutrients for plants

Just as we take care of flu and colds during this season, our plants need a shot that contains nutrients like potassium, iron, zinc, phosphate and others. We also know that it is difficult to find each of these elements naturally so the specialized nutrients are the most recommended.

Citysens nutrients are a blend of 14 organic mineral salts, ideal for growing hydroponic plants or plants in soil. The composition of the Citysens nutrients can also be used for flowering plants, orchids or exotic plants.


plantas en comedor de casa

cinta, planta para casa

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