A unique vertical garden

We all want to enjoy more nature at home or at work. We want to be surrounded by more plants. We want to breathe a cleaner air.

Citysens offers a new vertical garden that fits into our daily lives and in any kind of space.

Citysens has a vertical structure up to 1.6 meters tall. You can have more than 4 plants in the space of one.

It has a modular design that allows the customization of the garden for any kind of need, location or preference. Customize the height, the color of the structure, the position of the pots and type of plants.

The Citysens vertical garden is a complete solution: includes the structure, the self-watering system, plants and nutrients.

Citysens solves the problems of space and time that we face in cities. Now you can enjoy more plants in any corner of your house!