Rote Anthurie

Die Rote Anthurie ist eine Zimmerpflanze mit sehr auffälligen roten Blüten.

Die Pflanze wird etwa 40 cm hoch in einem Topf mit 14 cm Durchmesser.

Fügen Sie einen dekorativen Zimmertopf in der Farbe hinzu, die Ihnen am besten gefällt: Weiß, Anthrazit, Dunkelgrün und Kachelrot. Töpfe aus recyceltem Kunststoff.

Nähe und hochwertigste Pflanze, angebaut in Baumschulen in Spanien. Wir schicken es direkt von der Gärtnerei zu Ihnen nach Hause, ohne Kühlhäuser zu durchlaufen.

Zustellung nach Hause in 48 Stunden. CitySens-Garantie: Wenn die Pflanze beschädigt ankommt, ersetzen wir sie.


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Anthurium is a plant native to the tropical and subtropical areas of Central and South America. Did you know that this plant is one of the most used in interior decoration? Wherever you place a red anthurium, you will succeed as it is an elegant, colorful, resistant and striking plant. An indoor plant that never goes out of style. The brightness of its leaves and the passion red color highlight its great decorative capacity.

Common or vulgar name: Anthurium, Flamingo-lily, Flamingo Flower, Oilcloth-flower, Tail Flower.

Scientific name: Anthurium andreanum.

pflanze rote anthurie




Very resistant indoor plant.

Ideal temeperature: it likes heat and cannot stand sudden changes in temperature. In summer, it develops very well between 23 and 25⁰C. However, in winter they should not drop below 15⁰C. It is important to avoid placing Anthurium andreanum in places exposed to drafts. His favorite place will be a warm room with abundant humidity.

Light: As a good indoor plant, it needs sunlight, but never direct, otherwise the leaves can suffer burns. The most recommended is to place it near a window and protect it from the sun's rays with a curtain.

Irrigation: water every three days in summer and once a week in winter. The earth must be moist at all times and does not tolerate puddles. Tip: in summer spray the leaves with water to prevent them from turning yellow.

Nutrients:a good way to stimulate flowering is to provide nutrients for a plant's flowering process. Fertilize the Red Anthurium from spring to autumn. Follow the directions for CitySens nutrients.

Humidity: It requires high humidity, so its leaves must be sprayed throughout the year.

Inedible plant.





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