Air purifying plants: advantages for our home


Having plants in places such as the living room, bedrooms, bathroom or kitchen is important not only to decorate the space, but also because plants help to purify the air from the toxins released by cars, cleaning products or paint walls.

Did you know that every day we breathe 11,400 liters of air? Many people think pollution is outside our homes and offices, but it's just the opposite. Several studies have shown that indoor pollution can be up to 5 times greater than in the street, due to lack of ventilation.

NASA and several universities around the world have shown that there are very effective plants to remove indoor air toxins.

It has also been shown that people who live or work with these plants have increased their oxygen levels in the blood and reduced eye irritation, headaches and respiratory disorders.


Which purifying plants are the best for indoor spaces?

If you are thinking of having purifying plants at home, we recommend areca, snake plant, pace lily and potho. They are indoor plants that need a temperature of 15-25 °C and at least 4h of indirect light a day. They need to be watered once a week. The Citysens garden will help you take care of the weekly watering (also during vacations) and also allows you to increase their purifying effect as you can have more plants in less space.

These natural friends have proven to absorb different volatile chemical compounds. Snake plant, one of our favourite plants, is an ideal example of a detox plant, as it absorbs toluene. It also captures carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde and xylene. On top of it, it is a very resilient plant and will stand temperature changes due to air conditioning or central heating.


The best spots to enjoy air purifying plants

The kitchen is one of the spaces most likely to have contaminated air. Enevieve Chaudet and Ariane Boixiere, in their book Decontaminating plants, tell us that in the kitchen we've got many cleaning products and appliances which release toxins. It is also the place where we keep food and we share a lot of family time, so it is very appropriate to have air purifying plants there. This way we will get the best air quality.

Another ideal place for indoor plants are the bedrooms, specially kids' rooms. Children who grow in contact with plants become more sensitive to the care of nature and indoor plants are the ideal allies to keep the air quality of their rooms clean and avoid the appeareance of asthma and other respiratory disease.

Don't forget the dining or living room, usually the largest space in the house. With Citysens gardens, every corner or wall can become a green filter for our home.


house with air purifying plants

spider plant air purifying plant

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