Estantería para plantas de 8 bandejas con autorriego

Estantería para plantas de 8 bandejas con autorriego

Estantería para plantas con riego automático. Modelo de 8 bandejas.

Soporte para plantas fabricado con polipropileno 100% reciclado y madera ecológica y certificado PEFC.

Personalizable: elige el color y monta la estructura a tu gusto. No incluye plantas.

Fabricada en España por personas con capacidad diferentes. Escogiendo este producto nos ayudas a fomentar su inclusión social.

Entrega a domicilio en 24h GRATIS. Garantía de 2 años.

269,00 €
Impuestos incluidos
Sensor para plantas

Diseño sostenible



Made in Spain with recycled and recyclable materials. We turn 600 plastic cups into your plant shelves.

Proyecto con responsabilidad social


Social responsability

We collaborate with the Pere Mata and Santa Teresa foundations, where people with different abilities mount the product.

Estantería para plantas personalizables



Create your custom plant shelves. Customize it by choosing the color and mount it to your style.

Premios diseño de producto


Award design

Its design as a plant stand has been recognized with the Delta Award for product design.




Plants relax us and give life to our spaces. However, a lack of time and space does not allow us to enjoy them.

The CitySens shelve are modular systems designed to enjoy more plants at home and in the office. Thanks to its modular design, you can assemble your own vertical plant structure and make the most of any space: next to the window, covering a wall, a corner, as a room divider or on the balcony.

The design of the trays includes a 1 cm high edge, which ensures the stability of the pots and prevents the irrigation water from running onto the ground.

Washing the trays is easy: wipe them with a wet cloth or put them in the dishwasher.

The structure is stable by itself, but if you want to grow vertically or you have kids or pets at home, you can easily anchor it to the wall.





The automatic drip irrigation system adapts to the irrigation needs of each plant. You can adjust the frequency, the time of irrigation and the amount of water of each dripper. Once programmed, the settings are stored in the internal memory automatically.

It includes 12 adjustable drippers, 10 meters tubing, water pump, irrigation timer and a 7-liter tank with wooden lid and water level indicator. Irrigation autonomy of 15 to 45 days.

It works plugged to the electric power.

Ideal for people who have no time to water plants or who want to go on vacation without worries.





The CitySens shelves comes with several accessories which you can add if necessary:

- Bluetooth plant sensor: tells you the light, water, temperature and nutrients needs directly to your smartphone.

- Automatic drip irrigation system

- Matching pots [See options]

- Packs with plants [See options]


plant sensor with smartphone app




The CitySens shelves are established in the Santa Teresa Foundation and Pere Mata Foundation (Tarragona, Spain). Together we contribute to the labor and social integration of people with functional diversity.

All CitySens products are manufactured in Spain with 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene. We use polypropylene because it is a durable material that does not change color and is resistant to water and light. The wood rods we use are made of high quality beech, from sustainable forest farms with PEFC eco seal.






8 trays, 6 connectors, 16 long wood rods (30 cm), 8 short wood rods and user manual.


Each tray is 47 cm long, 20 cm wide and 10 cm high.

Each wood rod is 30 cm long and 3 cm diameter.


Each tray stands up to 8 kg weight.

Each tray weights 400 g.

Total weight: 7,7 kg.


Matt cotton white.

Matt black.

Warm gray.

Pine Bark.


100% recycled polypropylene. The 100% recycled polypropylene in white color may contain small spots of other colors.

Beech wood with PEFC seal.


modular plant stand and shelves




You'll receive emails confirming the order, preparation and shipment.

If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 14 calendar days.

If your product has manufacturing defects, the warranty covers the free replacement of any components for 2 years.


CitySens packaging



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2 year warranty

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