At CitySens we have always been committed to offering fair prices for our products. We intentionaly avoid the model of discounts and continuous offers prevailing today, which can often be misleading. We believe that offering the fair product price is the most honest way to grow our community.

We also believe in transparency, as a source of trust with the community of people who have supported us during the last 6 years. That is why we want to notify you in advance that due to strong rises in component prices, on June 21st we will update the prices of some of our products and the home delivery service:
- The price of the vertical planters will be increased by 10€ .
- The packs of 3 wall pots will be increased between 6€ and 9€ depending on the product.
- Automatic drip irrigation will increase between 5€ and 15€ depending on the model.
- The shipping price will be 7€ for orders up to 60€, 5€ for orders up to 100€ and free shipping will only apply to orders above 100€.

The plant shelves price is not affected.

The strongest increase will be for the vertical planter, the product with which we started the project 6 years ago. During the last 4 years we have maintained the price of the product, because we have assumed the components cost increase. Lately, we have suffered a sudden and pronounced increase in component prices: a 20% increase in the cost of recycled plastic and silicone tubing, a 25% increase in cardboard and paper, and a 30% increase on stainless steel and electrical components.

Suppliers explain to us that these increases are a consequence of the global pandemic. In 2020, consumption was reduced and the production of raw materials stopped. In 2021 a speculative dynamics for raw materials has been created, where large companies have stocked materials and they are speculating on the shortage of materials and their prices. Consequently, small businesses are at the expense of sudden prices increase.

Regarding transport prices, we believe it is necessary to update our free shipping price policy for only orders over 100 €, which is the price from which we can assume the cost of transport. We want to continue taking steps to avoid the "free" shipping model promoted by large online companies. The "free" shipping does not exist, the reality is that the manufacturers or transport companies end up assuming it. This model is not sustainable and at CitySens we want to ensure good quality delivery service and fair relationships with carriers.

The aim of updating product and home delivery prices is to maintain the economic viability of the project. The way we have in CitySens to grow and invest in innovation is through the sale of the product. Since we launched the CitySens vertical garden on the market in 2015, we have continued to invest in the use of more sustainable materials, such as 100% recycled polypropylene; improvement of packaging, preferably using recycled paper and cardboard; in better customer service, increasing our team from 2 to 4 people; and promoting collaborations with work foundations for people with different capacities.

Born as an entrepreneurial project, CitySens is today a project owned by all those who have collaborated in crowdfunding campaigns, or have a CitySens product at home or at the office, or have collaborated with the project in one way or another during the last 6 years. We are very grateful to the entire community that has supported us since 2015 and we hope to be worthy of your trust for many more years to be able to continue working together on new innovative products, always committed to environmental sustainability through the circular economy and impact. to promote a more just and inclusive society.


Xavi Rius, co-fundador de CitySens