Citysens fights against child cancer

On the occasion of World Cancer Day, on February 4, Citysens will give all the benefits obtained from its online store to AFANOC association (Association of Children with Cancer).

AFANOC helps in the needs that arise when a child is diagnosed with cancer. Accompanies the families throughout the disease process, providing comprehensive psychological and social care. Its project with more impact is the Xuklis House, that welcomes up to 25 families who have to live temporarily in Barcelona so that their child can receive the corresponding treatment in the city hospitals. Once the children finish their treatment, AFANOC's headquarters in Tarragona and Lleida attend and cover the needs that families may have once they arrive home. They give concrete answers in the same territory where children live. The objective: to provide and improve the quality of life in the most vulnerable moments that derive from the diagnosis of the disease.

Social commitment


As you know, at Citysens we have a strong social commitment with the most vulnerable people near us. That is why our assembly team is made up of people with different abilities from the Santa Teresa del Vendrell Foundation. We identify with the work carried out by AFANOC for childhood cancer. We feel very close to your project and that is why we will fully allocate all the benefits obtained in sales on Monday, February 4 to this association.

This February 4, with the purchase of a Citysens garden, you will help children, adolescents and families affected by childhood cancer to have a better quality of life. Thank you!




Fight against child cancer

Support cild cancer NGO

Campaign against child cancer

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