Citysens se implica con AFANOC

Citysens gets involved with AFANOC

On the occasion of World Cancer Day, on February 4, Citysens will allocate all the benefits... [Read more]


Citysens garden is a special gift

New year's resolutions: a healthier lifestyle

2019 has arrived. A new year is always a good excuse to start setting goals. Quitting smoking... [Read more]


Enjoy plants in autumn

How to take care of your plants in autumn

Autumn changes the landscape. It also changes the watering needs of our plants... [Read more]


responsabilidad social Citysens

What is sustainable consumption?

Reducenatural resources consumption and decrease waste percentage. How to achieve it? [Leer más]


international design awards

2017, a year full of awards

2017 has been our year: we've received fiveinternational wards... [Read more]


Let's dance! Our Spotify list for your plants

We all love music. Plant love it too. [Read more]


plants with kids

Enjoy plants with kids at home

Many parents ask us: do you recommend us having plants at home with kids? [Read more]


air purifying plants

Air purifying plants

Having plants in places such as the living room, bedrooms, bathroom or kitchen is important not only to... [Read more]


hydroponic vertical gadens

6 Useful tips about hydroponics

Can we grow plants without soil? Yes we can. Hydroponics is a great technique to grow plants in cities... [Read more]


Made in Europe with social impact

Citysens values

How we work at Citysens Our philosophy is based on promoting economic, social and environmental sustainability.[Read more]


vertical self-watering planters

El diseño Citysens

A modular garden for creative spaces The modular design of the Citysens vertical garden adapts to you and your space... [Read more]

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