Subscription: Vertical planter with new plants twice a year

Receive the CitySens vertical planter with the 4 plants of your choice in 48-72h.

During the next year, you will receive new plants twice a year. You will choose which plants you want to receive.

One-time payment: subscribe today and save on the price of new plants. This subscription includes the vertical planter with 4 plants and the new plants for the next year.

Customize your vertical planter: choose the colour and the plants family.

Product made in Spain by people with different abilities. By choosing this product you help us to promote their social inclusion.

FREE home delivery in 48-72h. 2 year warranty. 


Tax included
Plant family
New plants twice a year

macetero vertical interior con riego automático


Self watering

The CitySens vertical planter includes self-watering systems for the plants. They will always be well cared for and beautiful.

Macetas verticales personalizables



Create your vertical planter to measure. Personalise it by choosing the colour and the plants.

Diseño sostenible



We manufacture in Spain with recycled and recyclable materials. In addition, you will save up to 50% of water when watering the plants.

Proyecto con responsabilidad social


Social Responsibility

We collaborate with the Pere Mata and Santa Teresa foundations (Spain), where people with different abilities assemble the product.



With the purchase of the vertical planter we will send you 4 plants in the first shipment and new plants twice a year. In this way, you will always have a corner with fresh and pretty plants.

Air purifying plants: spathy, spider plant, potho and palm + the plants you choose in subscription.

Placid blue plants: spathy, syngonium, fern and philodendron + the plants you choose in subscription.

Yellow joy plants: guzmania, croton, dieffembachia and pothos neon + the plants you choose in subscription.

Vital red plants: anthurium, guzmania, dieffembachia and philodendron brasil + the plants you choose in subscription.

Pink passion plants: pink anthurium, cordelyne, begonia rex and philodendron micans + the plants you choose in subscription.


These are the steps:

1. Choose your vertical planter with plants: receive it in 48-72h.

2. During the next year, we will send you an email or whatsapp message in spring and before Christmas, so that you can choose between several plants.

3. You will receive your favourite new plants twice a year.



Before Christmas you will receive Christmas plants to decorate your home for the festive season.

In spring we will send you green and leafy plants to welcome the good weather.

You can always postpone the shipping of new plants. Plants may vary depending on the availability of the local nurseries we work with. You can always choose the plant of your choice from the options we offer.

plants subscription



With the seasonal new plant subscription we will deliver new plants all year round conveniently to your doorstep. Plus, you'll save on your new plants:

With the subscription of 2 new plant every semester we will send you plants worth 60€. Subscribe for only 45€.

For a subscription of 4 new plants every semester we will send you plants worth 120€. Subscribe for only 70€.

For a subscription of 8 new plants every semester we will send you plants worth 240€. Subscribe for only 120€.

Make your home shine with new plants without any hassle!



The CitySens vertical planter is a modular vertical planter system with automatic watering.

We have taken all the details into account: the water pump is very quiet and the system has an electricity consumption of less than €1/year.

No extra pipes or connections are used. The automatic watering system is mounted at the same time as the vertical planter structure.

Once the structure is assembled, the irrigation water passes through the inside of the pots so as not to splash on the ground.

The irrigation of the Citysens vertical planter is biomimetic, i.e. it imitates the water cycle in nature.

The water rises from the reservoir to the upper pot. Once at the top, it flows down pot by pot, watering each plant along the way. The excess water is collected back in the tank and used for the next watering. In this way, we achieve savings in water and nutrients of up to 50% and a watering autonomy of 30 to 60 days.




Materials: 100% recyclable polypropylene and stainless steel structure, water and UV light resistant. Wood treated against humidity. Hight-quality silicone tubes.

Net weight: 4kg.

Height: 148 cm. 

Width: 29 cm at the base.

Pot diameter: 13 cm.



- Plants of your choice placed in mesh pots and filters.

- Base with water motor and water level indicator.

- Stackable pots with filters to prevent the passage of soil.

- Digital or WiFi watering programmer depending on the order.

- Plant nutrients for 2 years.

- Silicone plug.

- User manual.

- New plants every semester, placed in mesh pots and filters.



The CitySens vertical planter can be set up in three minutes.

Recommended watering: one watering per week for 2-3 minutes. In summer the frequency can be increased to twice a week if necessary.

Nutrition: 10 mL of CitySens nutrients per 5L of water. Use lime-free water.

Maintenance: prune the leaves of the plants once a month; prune the roots once every 3 months; renew the irrigation water once a year.

Watering autonomy: 30 days in summer, 60 days in winter.

Savings of 50% in water and nutrients. Electricity consumption: 0.2 €/year.



Secure payment with Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.

Once the order is validated, the product preparation process begins. Delivery time is from 48h to 72h.

During the next year, at the beginning of each new season we will send you a whatsapp to choose between two plants.

You will receive email notifications confirming the order, its preparation and delivery.

The plants are sent in a special package, perfectly protected to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition.

If you are not satisfied with the planter, you have up to 14 calendar days to return it. We will arrange the return by courier service.

CitySens plant warranty: if the plant arrives damaged we will replace it.

If there is a manufacturing defect in your product, the guarantee covers replacement free of charge for 2 years from receipt of the product.


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5 stars on Google Reviews

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compra segura de plantas


Secure payment

Visa, Mastercard and PayPal


2 years warranty

For all components


fantástica solución

Adquirí un sistema vertical para 4 macetas hace un año y no puedo estar más contenta :). Soy un poco despistada y no me atrevía a tener plantas en casa y a la vez al vivir en el centro sentía que las necesitaba, así que me puse a investigar y encontré está fantástica solución: Es precioso, ocupa muy poco y me permite tener varias plantas, es sencillísimo y hasta torpes como yo pueden tener su pequeña jungla. Dejo unas fotos para que se vea el antes y el después ;)

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