2 height vertical planter with educational kit

2-pot vertical planter pack with the activity kit to discover nature as a family from @earlychildfood.

Includes manual with activities inspired by Montessori pedagogy and Positive Discipline edited by Carla Peña from @earlychildfood and illustrations by Bea Soro @beasoro.

Includes seeds of Daisy, Pansy, Carnation, Morning Glory, Night Jasmine and Snapdragons.

Includes substrate for growing seeds.

Product made in Spain with 100% recycled polypropylene and packed by people with functional diversity. By choosing this product you help us to promote their social inclusion.

Home delivery in 24h. 2 years warranty.

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We manufacture in Spain with recycled and recyclable materials. We turn 400 plastic cups into your vertical planter.

Proyecto con responsabilidad social


Social Responsibility

We collaborate with the Pere Mata and Santa Teresa foundations (Tarragona), where people with different abilities assemble the product.

Estantería para plantas personalizables



Create your vertical planter to measure. Customize it by choosing the color and mount it to your style.

Premios diseño de producto


Award-winning design

Its design has been recognized with the Delta Award for product design.




For those of you who have children at home and love plants, you will be happy to know that, with them, we can work on many areas with the little ones: we are introduced to practical life, one of the areas on which Maria Montessori placed most emphasis, we sow and we can observe the evolution of the plant. We develop the sensory, cognitive and fine motor skills.



This educational manual edited by Carla Peña (@earlychildfood) and with illustrations by Bea Soro (@beasoro) is the definitive guide to spend some family time and instill the values of plants and cultivation to the little ones. In it, you will find:

- Step-by-step illustrations to assemble and plant (with and without color for the little ones to color it).

- Presentation of different activities step by step so that the family knows how to present the materials through the Montessori methodology. This would go with the theoretical introduction of the importance of the practical life area and activities that the child from 1 to 6 years old can do related to the care of plants.

- Cards with the parts of the plant: a cut-out within the activity guide itself to see the seed, the root, the plant, the leaves, the petals....

- Introduction about the importance of treating insects with respect; raising awareness by example of the danger of extinction of bees and transferring the activity outside with a family expedition in which we value teamwork, perseverance, patience to observe.

- Customizable botany expert card.



- Vertical planter of 2 pots with manual watering in the color of your choice.

- Includes seeds of: Daisy, Pansy, Carnation, Morning Glory, Night Jasmine and Snapdragons.

- Includes manual with activities inspired by Montessori pedagogy and Positive Discipline edited by Carla Peña (@earlychildfood).

- 6 tablets of coconut fiber substrate and a bag of peach pits.


manual educativo montessori y disciplina positiva




To sow the seeds correctly you must follow the following steps.

1. Place 1 liter of water in a container, submerge the compressed soil tablets and wait for them to hydrate. Each tablet will increase in volume between 3 and 4 times its initial size, which indicates that it is ready to be used as growing soil.

2. Prepare the stackable pots for your vertical planter.

3. Break up the hydrated soil into the planting bag.

4. Place 10 to 20 seeds in each pot and cover them with a 1 cm layer of substrate.

5. Repeat the same process for each pot and each type of seedling.



- In the germination of the seed.

We advise you to water twice a week for 2 minutes each. The substrate should be moist, without being waterlogged or dry before the next watering. Watering needs may vary depending on the temperature and light your CitySens garden receives. The more light and the higher the temperature, the more watering is needed. During germination the plant does not need many nutrients: dissolve 10ml of CitySens nutrients per 5L of water.

- During plant growth.

When the plant grows, its water consumption increases, so make sure that the substrate is kept moist, never waterlogged or dry. Watering twice a week for 2 minutes may be enough, although you can increase the watering if you think it is necessary. Keep in mind that in small plants, overwatering is as dangerous as underwatering. In adult plants, overwatering is more dangerous, as it rots the roots and kills the plant. In adult plants the nutrient consumption increases: add 20ml of nutrients per 5L of water when refilling the reservoir.

manual educativo montessori y disciplina positiva



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